Millie’s College 101: Beer Pong

Ah, just the very words beer pong take me right back to my time at Kendry. No party was ever complete without the game. Beer Pong 1

You needed a large long table with plastic cups (like the red and blue ones you always see in the movies), fill them half way with beer, then line them up in triangles at opposite ends of the table. You then take it turns with your opposing team to try and land a ping pong ball in one of your opponents cups.

It was always amazing when you won, but then as winners you had to stay on the table, and you’d get drunker and drunker… We occasionally used to play it with grain alcohol and kool aid, but you didn’t need many games of that before you hit the floor 🙂

By the end of the night the fraternities always looked pretty messy – and the beer would often spill all over the floor leaving you with sticky flip flops!

Beer Pong 2

Once Kristen and I played what we called Japanese beer pong. We were sat in her lounge and sat on the floor using a low coffee table as the table. We had to have cat like reflexes to make sure that when we hit one of the cups that it didn’t spill over the floor!

You can actually buy beer pong kits in the UK now – but all you really need are the cups, ping pong balls and a large table – preferably outside where you don’t mind the mess!

Millie x x

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