Zanna Mackenzie: My Dream Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of author Zanna Mackenzie  to tell us about her dream proposal.

ZannaM scaleI have a thing for snow. I think it’s incredibly romantic. I also have a thing for white fairy lights snuggled into the bare branches of trees, sending out little dots of welcoming light into the night sky. With this in mind I think you can start to piece together the setting for my ‘fantasy proposal’ pretty easily.

So, we have snow and fairy lights, but where is this momentous moment going to happen?  I’d choose America’s East Coast, in a pretty village in the hills of Vermont. I’ve always wanted to go to New England but sadly have never managed it.

Next, the ‘how’ – I love Christmas rom com films and remember one where a guy had the words ‘marry me?’ carved in ice and illuminated with fairy lights – I’d adore something like that.

So, we have the ‘where’ and the ‘how’, what about the all-important ‘who’? There are a few  ‘celebrities’ who I might have been tempted by – Patrick Grant (judge of the Great British Sewing Bee), the actor Brett Dalton who plays Agent Ward on Marvel Agents of SHIELD and actor Sam Jaeger (from the TV series Parenthood) but who would I want to see actually propose to me in the snow in Vermont? There’s only really one answer to that – my real life husband Doug.

Zanna Mackenzie’s third novel, If You Only Knew, was released on February 7th. For more details on Zanna and her books head to

Love the sound of fairy lights in the snow – thanks Zanna! Tomorrow, blogger Laura Lovelock will be telling us about her dream proposal. 


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