Laura Delve: My Dream Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of blogger Laura Delve to tell us about her dream proposal. 

image-1My dream proposal would be to be taken for a walk in the countryside on a warm summers evening and led to an enclosed area by a river, surrounded by trees, where there would be a table for two set up. There would be fairy lights all around and a beautiful meal on the table with a waiter waiting to serve us. At the end of the meal I would be given a envelope with my name on it and inside would be a silver ring. I would look up across at my man and he would lean across and take my hand and say “Laura, will you marry me?”, to which my eyes would fill up with tears and I would say, “Yes, with all my heart, yes.”

Laura can be found on her blog – Laura’s Little Book Blog


Thanks Laura – that’s sounds like it would be an amazing proposal. 

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