Talli Roland: My Real-life Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s author Talli Roland’s turn to tell us about her very romantic real-life proposal. 

I’d never envisaged a marriage proposal – hell, I’d never envisaged marriage! So when my man popped the big question, my first response was incredulous laughter. Probably not the answer he was seeking, and definitely not the most romantic response. Eventually, after he’d shoved the ring under my nose and convinced me he was serious, I said yes.

Even though we’d been a couple for five years – in fact, we were celebrating our five-year anniversary that evening – we’d never discussed marriage. We knew we’d always be together, and we were happy with that. A ring, a white dress, a trip down the aisle amongst family and friends . . . well, it would have been nice, but not necessary. And for me, that’s what made the surprise proposal so romantic: that we didn’t need marriage to solidify our relationship. It was just the icing on the cake.

And it was very tasty icing! We’d recreated the evening we first met with a concert at the Royal Festival Hall then dinner on the South Bank, and we’d just strolled over to the spot of our first kiss when my then-boyfriend dropped to one knee. With the fairy lights twinkling and the sound of the Thames lapping beside us, I couldn’t have conjured up a better scenario myself.

Talli is a bestselling chick lit author – Find out more about her and her books:


Twitter: @talliroland

Thanks Talli, what a romantic tale! Tomorrow, it’s the turn of Kirsty from Love of a Good Book. 


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