Millie’s College 101: Sports

College Basketball – Lehigh vs Lafayette

Now you’ve probably seen American sports on TV – foam fingers, cheesy music clips, time outs and cheerleaders, but nothing can prepare you for going to see a live event. I expected with a college game for a few people to turn out to support a team. In my three years at my UK university, I went to see one rugby match, and there were probably 100 people in attendance. Yet college sports in the US are huge. Attracting huge audiences from students past and present.

Of course there’s a huge social side to it too. Tailgates in the car parks before hand – meaning a bbq or grill and a few beers to the alumni, and huge amounts of alcohol to the current students. Quite frankly the only way to cope with an American football game that last for hours, in my opinion, is to be wasted.


Madison Square Garden

Then you’ve got the sparkle and razzmatazz of the cheerleaders, marching band and dance crews. Every time out (and there are a lot) you get some form of musical entertainment.

My top tip would be that if you ever go to a large US city, track down a college game of basketball or hockey. The tickets are so much cheaper than an NBA or NHL ticket and the atmosphere is just as electric. I mean, imagine going to Madison Square Garden and seeing a packed arena there to see college teams, with tickets from only a few dollars.

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