Lynda Renham: My Favourite On-Screen Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s author Lynda Renham’s turn to tell us about her favourite on-screen proposal.  

I love proposals and I have many that I like from films, books and of course real life. But I think my favourite all time proposal is from the film ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’

The film is a great take on ‘The Godfather’ and if you haven’t seen it, you really should. It is so funny.

Hugh grant plays Michael and at the beginning of the film you hear how he has planned a special dinner for his girlfriend. He plans to propose. They arrive at the Chinese and you see Michael asking a favour of the waitress.

The waitress later comes over and gives them their fortune cookies. Michael eats his and encourages Gina to eat hers but she doesn’t want it.

‘Eat cookie,’ says the waitress.

‘I don’t want to,’ Gina replies.

This goes on for a while and Michael suggests eating the cookie to keep the waitress happy.

‘I don’t feel like taking orders from a waitress,’ snaps Gina.

‘I owner not waitress, eat cookie,’ says the owner.

Gina gets cross and Michael tries to make her open the fortune cookie.

‘Eat fucking cookie,’ cries owner with all the staff milling around them. Just as she opens the cookie a woman at the opposite table shouts.

‘Oh yes, yes, Jeremy.’

Michael jumps up realising the cookie has gone to the wrong couple. He dashes over, grabs the ring hidden in the cookie and hands them a fortune, apologising profusely. He hands the ring to Gina.

‘You should have got this,’ he tells her. ‘Gina will you marry me?’

Gina begins to cry.

‘I don’t know what to say,’ she hiccups.

‘Well I thought what she just said was rather good,’ he says pointing to the girl who had the cookie with the ring in it. ‘Obviously without the Jeremy bit.’

Gina runs out crying and the other woman is crying. It is one of the funniest proposals in a film I have seen. Obviously my quoting isn’t accurate but as close as I can remember.

image001Lynda’s a romantic comedy author – her latest book ‘The Dogs Bollocks’ is on Amazon and her new book ‘It Had To Be You’ is due for release 14th March. To Find out more about Lynda and her books:

Twitter: @lyndarenham

Thanks Lynda – I remember laughing a lot at that scene when I saw that film too! 

Georgina Troy: My real-life Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s author Georgina Troy’s turn to tell us about her very romantic real-life proposal. 

Tail finMy fiancé took me away to Spain for a long weekend. We were sitting outside a restaurant with a beautiful tiled fountain in the middle of the pretty square when he proposed. We asked someone to take a picture of this momentous occasion and it was only when we got home that we saw our photos and noticed that although the view in front of us was beautiful the wall behind us in the picture was covered in tatty graffiti! Not quite the gorgeous photo we’d expected to frame of our special day.

Thankfully, he then took me on to a restaurant where the outside seating was laid out on the beach, so we sat barefoot with our feet in the golden white sand and shared a bottle of champagne. I do have a picture of that meal, although it’s only of me as he was taking the photo. I looked very rosy-faced and happy, although I’m not sure if it was due to the excitement, sun, or maybe the alcohol!

Georgina is a the author of A Jersey Kiss and she’s currently working on the sequel. Find out more about Georgina:

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Thanks Georgina – what a magical story. Next Monday, it’s the turn of Anna Bell to tell us about her favourite proposals on paper and on screen.

Laura Lovelock: My Dream Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of blogger Laura Lovelock from She Likes to Read to tell us about her dream proposal. 

Every girl dreams of how, when and who is going to ask them that –very- special question and as I’ve grown up, many different people have asked me (in my imagination). Some of those people have been long-suffering boyfriends, others have been the men I reaaaaaally fancied and some were obviously Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Daley and Jude Law. 

Benedict-in-Screen-Magazine-04-2013-benedict-cumberbatch-33870098-1280-1549[1]Unfortunately I am yet to experience such a question in the ‘real’ world and thus am left to dream about what could be with Mr Cumberbatch. I could be Mrs Laura Cumberbatch. Does that have a ring to it? I could sign everything LB and my initials would be LAB which is almost an ode to Sherlock. 

See, it’s meant to be. 

We could have the world’s most romantic proposal like –that- one from Four Weddings & A Funeral in the pouring rain, I’d crack out the old ‘Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed’ line and Benedict could kiss me lingeringly whilst a frantically romantic piece of music plays over the top. He’d get down on one knee and kneel on the wet pavement whilst holding out a turquoise box before asking me to make him the happiest man alive. I, of course, would act nonchalant and totally cool before conceding that yes, I bloody well would marry him. He would slide the perfectly sized ring (obviously) onto my ring finger and would then run a hand through his gorgeous locks, placing his beautiful lips onto mine and giving me a right good kiss. 

Then he’d sweep me up into his arms (in this dream world I’m as light as a feather) and he would carry me into his grand house that would just happen to be down the road. He’d then say, in his totally charming and mouth-watering British accent, ‘Laura, I love you.’ It would be long and drawn out and every millisecond of his voice speaking my name will make me go all funny and I’ll fall into his arms where I’ll stay FOREVER. 

Too fantastical? Hmm maybe, but a girl can dream, right?

Laura blogs over on She Likes to Read –  Find out more:

twitter: @_shelovestoread

Ooh, thanks Laura. Swoon. Tomorrow it’s the turn of author Georgina Troy. 

Zanna Mackenzie: My Dream Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of author Zanna Mackenzie  to tell us about her dream proposal.

ZannaM scaleI have a thing for snow. I think it’s incredibly romantic. I also have a thing for white fairy lights snuggled into the bare branches of trees, sending out little dots of welcoming light into the night sky. With this in mind I think you can start to piece together the setting for my ‘fantasy proposal’ pretty easily.

So, we have snow and fairy lights, but where is this momentous moment going to happen?  I’d choose America’s East Coast, in a pretty village in the hills of Vermont. I’ve always wanted to go to New England but sadly have never managed it.

Next, the ‘how’ – I love Christmas rom com films and remember one where a guy had the words ‘marry me?’ carved in ice and illuminated with fairy lights – I’d adore something like that.

So, we have the ‘where’ and the ‘how’, what about the all-important ‘who’? There are a few  ‘celebrities’ who I might have been tempted by – Patrick Grant (judge of the Great British Sewing Bee), the actor Brett Dalton who plays Agent Ward on Marvel Agents of SHIELD and actor Sam Jaeger (from the TV series Parenthood) but who would I want to see actually propose to me in the snow in Vermont? There’s only really one answer to that – my real life husband Doug.

Zanna Mackenzie’s third novel, If You Only Knew, was released on February 7th. For more details on Zanna and her books head to

Love the sound of fairy lights in the snow – thanks Zanna! Tomorrow, blogger Laura Lovelock will be telling us about her dream proposal. 


Laura Delve: My Dream Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of blogger Laura Delve to tell us about her dream proposal. 

image-1My dream proposal would be to be taken for a walk in the countryside on a warm summers evening and led to an enclosed area by a river, surrounded by trees, where there would be a table for two set up. There would be fairy lights all around and a beautiful meal on the table with a waiter waiting to serve us. At the end of the meal I would be given a envelope with my name on it and inside would be a silver ring. I would look up across at my man and he would lean across and take my hand and say “Laura, will you marry me?”, to which my eyes would fill up with tears and I would say, “Yes, with all my heart, yes.”

Laura can be found on her blog – Laura’s Little Book Blog


Thanks Laura – that’s sounds like it would be an amazing proposal. 

Jennifer Joyce: My Real-Life Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of author Jennifer Joyce to tell us about her real-life proposal. 

author_photoWhen my husband proposed to me, we weren’t at the top of the Eiffel Tower, overlooking Paris. We weren’t in a swanky restaurant or gazing up at the sky as a plane wrote ‘will you marry me?’ for all to see. We were at home, with a pizza heating in the oven while we watched TV. It wasn’t even a fancy pizza, just your bog-standard supermarket pizza. Pepperoni. Frozen.

The proposal was far from glamorous. It was simple, understated. Private. And for me, it was perfect. The man I loved had asked me to marry him and I was one happy gal!

As it turned out, many years later when we eventually got married, our wedding was probably the smallest, quietest wedding known to man. It was a simple wedding, understated and very private. It matched the proposal perfectly.

Jennifer is the author of the book ‘A Beginners Guide to Salad’ and a book blogger. Find out more about Jennifer:

Twitter: @writer_jenn

Thanks Jennifer – that’s what it seems to be about – that it was perfect for you! Tomorrow it’s the turn of blogger Laura – from Laura’s Little Book Blog. 

Nicky Wells: You want to marry me? What, now? Why?

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of author Nicky Wells to tell us about her real-life proposal. What better story for Valentine’s Day.

NickyWells_AuthorPhotoJon and I had been dating for a small eternity, and yet he stubbornly refused to propose. The months passed, and I began to think that he wouldn’t ever propose. That was fine by me too. I didn’t need a ring to signify his undying love. We’d bought a flat together, after all. What could be more binding than a mortgage?

We’d been in our flat for a month when we started tiling the kitchen floor. I grew tired and bored of doing DIY by mid-afternoon. Jon suggested dinner out as a reward, but I didn’t particularly fancy it. Yet he grew strangely pushy on this matter and wouldn’t let it go. So, rather grudgingly, I agreed to go out.

On the way to the Tube, Jon had to tie his shoe laces about ten times. He’d buttoned up his shirt wrong. He kept fidgeting. It was most unusual. “It’s just… well, it’s late,” he tried to explain. “I’m worried the restaurant will be too busy.”

Hm. I didn’t buy it, but I didn’t think much of it either.

So we got to our favourite Tapas bar in Clapham and were given a table after a short wait. We ordered food. And then, halfway through, he put this box on the table. Gulp.

“Open it,” he said, fidgeting some more.

My heart beat like a hammer. Obediently, I opened the box and… what? What was that blue thing? A brooch?

I looked at him, confused, and just a tad disappointed.

He smiled. “Take it out.”

I took ‘it’ out and it turned out to be a ring. A blue plastic ring.

“Will you marry me?”

OMG OMG OMG. I opened my mouth to say yes, and out came: “Um. Well. Why now?”


To his credit, he didn’t miss a beat. He knew me too well, even then. He simply smiled and explained. “Because the time’s right, and I love you.”

Awwww. Well, of course I said yes.

PS. The plastic ring turned out to be Lalique crystal. Duh me! I’m so clueless when it comes to jewellery and accessories. We still laugh about this even today and, of course, I still have the blue ring. It was a stand-in proposal ring so that I could go and have a look at a shortlist of ‘proper’ rings with Jon together and pick the one I liked best. Love him!

Nicky Wells, is the ultimate rock chick author. Signed to US Publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing, she writes Romance That Rocks Your World, featuring the rock star and the girl next door.

Nicky’s books: Sophie’s Turn | Sophie’s Run | Sophie’s Encore | Spirits of Christmas

Find out more about Nicky: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Romantic Novelists’ Association | Sapphire Star Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads | Pinterest

Ah, thanks Nicky, what a lovely story! On Monday author and blogger Jenni Joyce tells us about her proposal.

Kirsty from Love of a Good Book: Turn That No Into A Yes

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s the turn of Kirsty from Love of a Good Book to tell us how not to propose to her. 

imageWhen Annabel mentioned this feature to me, I was excited to write about my dream proposal.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I’ve never dreamt about a proposal.

Ask me what my wedding dress would be like, what my father and brother would be wearing (a kilt in our families tartan just in case you were wondering) and who my flower girl would be, these are things I’ve thought about.

I feel the need to clarify in case any potential suitors are reading, my thoughts drift to my wedding in a non crazy way, I don’t sit around in a wedding dress, writing out place settings and circling the singles page.

Anyway I digress, when it comes to proposals I’ve never thought about what how I would like to be proposed to, but I do however think about what I wouldn’t!

To anyone who has had the following proposals, I am not in anyway saying they lack romance or originality, I’m just saying they aren’t for me.

 1) If she says it isn’t working, don’t pull out the marriage card! 

What, I hear you cry, no one would do that!

This is the marriage proposal I have experienced.

After discovering we didn’t really know each other, yes he knew what I liked for dinner & how I took my drink but he didn’t seem to understand that I didn’t like cheating and that my lack of happiness was down to him and the several girls who messaged me on Facebook about him.

On the day that I expressed this, he fell to his knees (not one, both) and asked me to marry him. His belief that this gesture would fix everything, was thankfully, lost on me.

2) If it’s on the calendar it’s a no! 

I would hate to be asked on Christmas Day, My birthday, My parents’ anniversary. My niece’s birthday.

(noticing a pattern here)

These days are already special to me, they already hold beautiful memories. I would like a day that can become magical, a day that would hold all the promises of our future together. A day that can be both special for him and me.

3) Show me the bling! 

So he’s gone through all this effort of planning a proposal and you’ve said yes. But you don’t have a ring, any woman will tell you, that after they’ve contacted their friends and family they tend to be asked a few questions, how did it happen? Have you set a date yet? What’s the RING like?

The only acceptable venue for not having a ring would be a jewellery store.

4) Show me you know me! 

I  love books, I am often gushing over a book, it’s not a fact I hide.

So let’s imagine a guy cut’s a section into a book and places a ring box in it, for the proposal.

I would cry, in fact I would physically sob. How could he hurt a book like that, does he not know me at all!  It’s the little things that show how much you know each other.

There are a few things I know I would like in a proposal:

 1) Father of the bride.

Ask my parents for permission, I know it sounds old fashioned but they are a huge part of my life and for them to be involved in my proposal would wonderful.

Plus if the guy is clever, ask my mum about my ring. She would jump at the chance to point you in the right direction.

2) Two golden rings! 

It doesn’t actually link into the proposal but I believe both people should have an engagement ring. So a guy should expect a ring back and wear it. Can I also point out that I don’t believe in that, 3 months of your salary rule. And I’m not saying this because I spend a lot of money on books or dresses. But go with what draws you in, the ring that you love. After all, isn’t that what happened with the one you love.

3) Romance, romance, where art thou romance? 

At the end of the day, a proposal is about the two people involved and it really should symbolise their love for each other.

If you feel you are ready to spend the rest of your lives together, then you should have a good enough grasp of what makes her smile.

If all else fails raid her book and DVD collections, ideas galore!

I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about a romantic walk along the beach, where ‘Will you marry me?’ Is written in the sand, champagne and chocolates are nestled on a picnic blanket and the man of my dreams is  ready to get on to one knee, with the pink sapphire solitaire ring that he wants to place on my finger.

But sadly the man of my dreams has got a little lost and until he finds me I live in hope, with books full of romance and love in my heart!

*To my dream man, wherever he may be:

Google maps is great for directions.

Kirsty runs the book blogging site Love of a Good Book: Find out more:



Facebook: LoveOf A Good Book

Thanks Kirsty! Tomorrow Nicky Wells tells us about her real-life proposal. 

Talli Roland: My Real-life Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s author Talli Roland’s turn to tell us about her very romantic real-life proposal. 

I’d never envisaged a marriage proposal – hell, I’d never envisaged marriage! So when my man popped the big question, my first response was incredulous laughter. Probably not the answer he was seeking, and definitely not the most romantic response. Eventually, after he’d shoved the ring under my nose and convinced me he was serious, I said yes.

Even though we’d been a couple for five years – in fact, we were celebrating our five-year anniversary that evening – we’d never discussed marriage. We knew we’d always be together, and we were happy with that. A ring, a white dress, a trip down the aisle amongst family and friends . . . well, it would have been nice, but not necessary. And for me, that’s what made the surprise proposal so romantic: that we didn’t need marriage to solidify our relationship. It was just the icing on the cake.

And it was very tasty icing! We’d recreated the evening we first met with a concert at the Royal Festival Hall then dinner on the South Bank, and we’d just strolled over to the spot of our first kiss when my then-boyfriend dropped to one knee. With the fairy lights twinkling and the sound of the Thames lapping beside us, I couldn’t have conjured up a better scenario myself.

Talli is a bestselling chick lit author – Find out more about her and her books:

Twitter: @talliroland

Thanks Talli, what a romantic tale! Tomorrow, it’s the turn of Kirsty from Love of a Good Book. 

Cathy Bramley: My Proposal

To celebrate the launch of Millie and the American Proposal on Amazon, I’ve asked authors and bloggers to talk proposals. Today, it’s author Cathy Bramley’s turn to tell us about her very romantic real-life proposal. 

Cathy Bramley in a phone boxIt was the thirtieth of August, the day after my birthday, and our first night in Rhodes. We’d rented a tiny apartment a five minute walk to the beach and with views of the sea. After dinner al fresco and a walk on the sand, we headed back to the apartment and took a bottle of wine out on to the balcony. The sky was lit up with stars and the moon cast a golden glow across the sea. It was possibly one of the most romantic settings I could have wished for.

He seemed a little bit fidgety, but I put it down to sunburn. Then, out of the blue, he asked me to marry him. I was sitting on his lap at the time, so getting down on one knee was out of the question. My first reaction was a gasp of laughter followed by, ‘Do you mean it?’ He had meant it and both of our eyes filled with tears as I said that yes, I would love to marry him.

To my delight, he retrieved a small box from the pocket of his shorts. Inside was a gorgeous diamond ring, he took it out and slipped it on to my finger. It was a perfect fit. It meant so much that he had chosen a ring for me and I love it today as much as I did then.

Cathy is the author of Kindle bestseller Conditional Love. Find out more about Cathy:


What a lovely story, thanks Cathy! Tomorrow Talli Roland will be telling us all about her real-life proposal.